Why do companies still use Waterfall today?

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For many years, people have touted the advantages of an iterative development model versus a sequential waterfall model. While waterfall is a laggard as depicted in the adoption curve below, there are still countless companies who still use waterfall today. This blog discusses iterative model advantages compared with a sequential model. Requirements change In a […]

What do I do if my team hits a bottleneck?

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In Kanban, we set Work in Progress (WIP) limits so that we can easily visualize when bottlenecks occur in our workflow. This is explained in the blog, https://kanbanmentor.com/how-kanban-helps-visualize-and-remove-your-bottlenecks/. But, what should you do when you hit one of these bottlenecks? This blog discusses options for when your Kanban team hits a bottleneck. Example of a bottleneck […]