Barry Rogers

Barry Rogers founded Kanbanmentor when he realized that many teams who have adopted an agile process could be executing in a more efficient manner. Barry is a great facilitator and teacher with a unique ability to explain complex problems concisely and clearly. Barry leverages his extensive experience coaching teams in the adoption of agile and lean principles and associated processes including Kanban, Scrum, and XP. Barry has worked with teams of all sizes from small development teams to leading very large enterprise-wide agile adoptions. He has taught and coached members at all levels within companies ranging from the CEO to developers.

Barry has always been passionate about the people side of software development. He has successfully built and lead teams ranging from small to large development teams as well as leading entire consulting enterprises. Barry believes that human interactions are even more important than processes and must be one of the foundations of training and coaching. Barry is co-author of Individuals and Interactions: An Agile Guide (Addison Wesley) available on Amazon. 

When not teaching, coaching or blogging, Barry enjoys anything to do with the outdoors. This includes hiking, biking, snorkeling, wind surfing, strolling through the countryside, beaches, forests, mountains, or visiting quaint towns.