Kanban Applied Training is practical, not theoretical, allowing your team to immediately apply what they learn. Our interactive class provides your team with the necessary knowledge to commence a Kanban project.


Kanban Applied Training is ideal for:

Who should attend


Kanban Applied Training is geared towards product development teams.

All members of a team should attend – product owners, project managers, Scrum Masters, software developers, QA/testers, U/X, database engineers, and so on.

Kanban Applied Class Outline

Section Description
Agile and Lean Overview A discussion of Agile and Lean principles.
Agile Processes Overview A brief overview of Kanban, Scrum and eXtreme Programming.
Scrum Kanban Simulation Hands on exercise to understand and experience the difference between a timeboxed approach versus continuous flow.
Work in Progress Hands on exercise to understand why we set WIP limits.
Partitioning Work  Understand how and why teams partition work, common Classes of Service and examples of different Kanban boards.
Kanban Metrics Understand terminology such as cycle time, lead time, and throughput. Understand how the Cumulative Flow Diagram works and its value. Learn the applicability of Little’s Law and discuss common metrics goals.
Theory of Constraints Understand the Theory of Constraints and its affect on throughput. Discussion of what causes constraints on software projects.
Agile requirements Understanding user stories as an option for requirements.
Forecasting Options A discussion of multiple options teams have when estimating & forecasting. Including options to not estimate and not forecast.
Kanban Events Understand what meetings Kanban teams hold. An in-depth discussion of team interactions and associated events that enable teamwork.
Getting Started/Misc How to get started as well as other miscellaneous topics not previously covered in the class including a brief discussion regarding roles and scaling.
Applying all this to your team There should be about 2 hours remaining at the end of the class to be used as consulting to help your team get started. This time can be used to discuss/create the team’s Kanban board, create user stories or discuss any other details the team needs.

Course objectives


Pricing and Logistics

All  Kanban training classes are client-dedicated classes typically held at the client’s facilities. Alternatively, arrangements may be made to hold the class at a nearby hotel conference room.

This is a 2-day class. A minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 20 students is required.

The cost is $900/student.

For classes held outside of the Austin, Texas area: travel expenses will be added including any flight, hotel and car expenses.

Kanban Applied Training Certification

At the conclusion of the Kanban Applied Training class, students will receive a certificate, pending the successful completion of a quick review.

Kanban Training Certificate


Kanban Applied

Kanban Applied is a process framework to help teams build complex products and/or efficiently execute any workflow by applying Kanban …

  • always in the relentless pursuit of removing waste
  • emphasizing both Agile and Lean principles
  • continuously weighing options to do what makes sense
  • based on a continuous flow model and limiting WIP
  • with a strong focus on people, not just process

 Kanban Applied

See the Official Kanban Applied Guide 

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